KTS Academic Tutoring:

KTS provides one-on-one tutoring catered to the specific learning style, schedule, and needs of the student.

KTS tutors can meet regularly to help students with homework, test preparation, projects or papers, or they can meet intensively to prepare students for a midterm or final exam.Tutors can explain difficult concepts or help build confidence and study skills/organization. KTS Academic Tutoring focuses on flexibility, and tutors in the past have designed alternative summer school programs, helped with summer math packets, provided independent study programs, and created enrichment material. Students away at boarding schools, home bound students, and students beyond the regular geographic range may arrange to be tutored via the Internet (Skype). Specific subjects and special programs are described below, and testimonials are provided as well.

Academic Subjects and Related Skills:

  • AP, Honors, Standard, and Remedial Levels of all Subjects
  • Long-distance Tutoring/Support for Boarding School, College, & Home Bound Students
  • Math (all levels, Pre-Algebra – AP Calculus, Statistics)
  • English (Writing, Literary Analysis, Grammar, Vocabulary)
  • Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics)
  • Computer Science
  • Foreign Language (Spanish, French, Latin, Greek, Russian, Arabic, Italian, German, Farsi, Hebrew)
  • History, Government, & Economics
  • Organizational Skills/Test-taking Strategies
  • Senior Project (all phases – from conception to completion)
  • Summer Math Packets (all schools)
  • Independent Study Programs (e.g., astronomy, music appreciation, languages not offered in school [e.g., Greek, Hebrew])
  • Summer School Alternative & Catch-up Programs
  • Enrichment Programs for Gifted Students
  • Power Point/Film-making to enhance school projects

Parent & Student Testimonials:

“The tutor was terrific. He helped raise my daughter’s understanding and grade. He was always there on time and ready to work. An additional benefit was my daughter’s new-found appreciation for physics. That was something I didn’t expect.” Barrington High School Parent

“My son is really enjoying working with the tutor over his summer break. The tutor has made quite an impression on my son who has commented to me how much math he has learned, how very smart the tutor is, and how this experience has sparked a great interest in the subject matter for him.” Brooks Academy Parent

“I first used Kaplan Tutoring Services for math tutoring for my son who was in the 7th grade. At the time he was in the “C” math class, but after working with Cindy, he was promoted to “B” math and earned A’s. The tutoring he received in middle school math was an excellent foundation for the math courses at Barrington High School.” Barrington Middle School Parent

“Mrs. Kaplan helped me to improve my required school essays. She is very supportive and easy to work with, and she got me thinking and engaged in my writing. I really learned a lot from Mrs. Kaplan.” Gordon School Student

“Mrs. Kaplan has tutored my daughter this past year in English and reading, and as a result not only have her grades improved, but more importantly she is now able to write a well-constructed paper. The time and attention Mrs. Kaplan has given my daughter has been invaluable.” Barrington High School Parent

“We have been so happy with the work that the tutor has done with our son for his advanced math course. His insights about our son’s learning style, strengths and weaknesses have been right on target.” Wheeler (High) School Parent

As even further testimonial, the students mentioned above have gone on to attend Bowdoin College, McGill University, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, the U.S. Naval Academy (Annapolis), and other fine colleges and universities.