Other Services

Professional Development:

KTS personnel can facilitate classes and workshops for teachers and guidance staff on the following topics:

  • SAT vs. ACT: Differences and Preferences
  • Preparing Students for the SAT Writing Section
  • Topics selected by the School Administration

Publications and Textbook Editing:

In the past, Cindy Kaplan has been involved in a variety of freelance projects for Mazer Corporation, TSI Graphics, and Wiley Publishing. She was technical editor for the following Wiley publications: SAT for Dummies Premier Edition, (New) SAT for Dummies, (New) SAT for Dummies Quick Prep, English Grammar for Dummies, 1001 SAT Practice Questions for Dummies, 1001 ACT Practice Questions for Dummies, 1001 GED Practice Questions¬†for Dummies,and Catholic High School Entrance Examination for Dummies. She has also edited and created math problems for a number of textbooks and standardized tests. She has developed a reputation for being extremely thorough and always finishing projects on time. In one of the Dummies book noted above, the authors acknowledged Ms. Kaplan for her “attention to detail and helpful suggestions during the editing process.”

Bar and Bat Mitzvah Preparation and Hebrew Language Tutoring

Private tutoring can be provided for students who desire to learn to: read, write, or speak Hebrew; chant Torah and/or Haftarah; read or chant Hebrew prayers; or prepare for a Bar or Bat Mitzvah (including adults). Students with special needs can be expertly accommodated. These services are provided in person to residents of the New York City area or online (via Skype) to those living elsewhere.

Resume Creation and Proofreading

Cindy Kaplan can assist in the creation of an impressive resume that is comprehensive, yet concise, focusing on relevant and important educational and occupational/professional accomplishments. She can help to create succinct, yet thorough, copy for LinkedIn and other similar websites. She is also available to proofread (and critique) letters, essays, applications, college papers, etc.

Foreign Language Translation

KTS has tutors who can translate letters and documents written in the following languages: Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, French, Arabic, Greek.