KTS offers private tutoring for the LSAT, the law school entrance exam, the MCAT, the medical school entrance exam, and the GRE, the Graduate Record Exam for graduate school admission.


Attention is paid to all four sections of the test:

  • Logical Reasoning (Arguments) (two 35-minute sections of 25-26 questions)
  • Analytical Reasoning (Puzzles) (one 35-minute section of 23-24 questions)
  • Reading Comprehension (one 35-minute section of 28 questions)
  • Essay (one 30-minute writing exercise, not scored by LSAC but sent to Law Schools)
  • There will also be an Experimental section, similar to any of the first 3 sections above, that is not scored.

GRE Exam

The GRE Exam is administered on a computer, and the test taker is allowed to move forward and backward in each section. The GRE is composed of the following six sections (including an experimental or research section, which is not scored):

  • Analytical Writing (one section of two 30-minute tasks–analyze an issue & analyze an argument)
  • Verbal Reasoning (two 30-minute sections of approximately 20 questions each)
  • Quantitative Reasoning (two 35-minute sections of approximately 20 questions each; on-screen calculator available for use).

Advantages of Private Tutoring

Unlike typical LSAT and GRE courses, private tutoring by a KTS LSAT or GRE expert does not require that a student sign up for an expensive package. Instead, tutoring sessions are individualized and consist of as many or as few sessions as the student needs or desires. Depending on a student’s needs, particular attention can be given to any specific section of the test. A focus on the underlying logic of the test, test taking skills, and strategies and methods tailored to each test section ensure that our students improve not only their ability to get individual test questions correct, but also to think about the test holistically and know where best to focus their time and attention.

Tutoring sessions can be planned at a convenient location around the student’s busy schedule. For more information or to schedule LSAT or GRE private tutoring sessions, call (401) 595-9350 or send an email to .

To Register for the LSAT exam, go to

Ongoing GRE Tests

The GRE exam must be taken at a computer-based test center. It can be taken no more frequently than once a month for a maximum of 5 times per year. The student should make an appointment at the test center in Rhode Island indicated below. Registration and other information may be obtained online at

Prometric Testing Center 2346 Post Rd., Suite 104, Warwick, RI 02886 (401) 738-9172