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Common questions about the SAT Subject Tests:

Do I have to take any SAT Subject Tests?

Maybe, maybe not. Each school has its own requirements. Most public and many private institutions do not require them; others require 3, 2, or maybe just recommend (but not require) them. Engineering programs often require a math subject test. Find out what your college choices need. (If you do well on a subject test, you can always have the score sent to the colleges, even if they are not required, as it looks good on your application.) Each test lasts one hour, and up to three tests can be taken in one sitting.

Which SAT Subject Test(s) should I take?

While most schools do not care, some specific programs may have specific requirements (e.g., math for engineering, foreign language for language major). You will probably do better on a science subject test if you have had two years of the science (or one year plus tutoring on additional material).

Which Math Level (I or II) Subject Test should I take?

  • If you are planning to major in Engineering, Math, or a scientific field and/or you are taking AP Calculus AB or BC your senior year, you should take the higher level test, Math Level II.
  • If you are not planning a mathematical or scientific major, and math is not one of your strengths (and you are not taking a Calculus course your senior year), you should take the lower level test, Math Level I (if you need to take a Math Subject Test at all).
  • If you are not planning a mathematical or scientific major, but math is one of your strengths and/or you are taking a Calculus course your senior year, you can take either test (some students take both and submit their best score).

Can the ACT count for my SAT Subject Tests?

Some schools will count the Combined Writing score and the score from the Science section of the ACT in lieu of SAT subject tests.

Which SAT Subject Tests can I take?

English Literature            READING ONLY                  READING & LISTENING
United States History         French                        French
World History                 Spanish                       Spanish
Mathematics Level 1           German                        German
Mathematics Level 2           Italian                       Chinese
Biology (Environmental)       Latin                         Japanese
Biology (Molecular)           Modern Hebrew                 Korean


KTS offers SAT Subject Test prep in private tutoring sessions at a mutually agreed upon time and place, for the private tutoring rate, plus a one-time fee to cover the cost of the appropriate prep book and materials. If you desire tutoring for more than one test, you may have more than one tutor, as KTS assigns the best tutor for each particular subject. However, it is possible that one tutor can cover all of the subjects for which you are preparing.

Tutors can help you review the material that will be covered on the test. They can also teach new material, which can be very helpful on the science tests, if you have only had one year of the science subject. The tutors can also offer insight into strategies to use on the tests.


The KTS tutor tutored my son for the SAT 2 (subject test) in physics. He was patient, kind, calm, reliable and very smart and was very good at explaining the subject matter. My son’s score went up over 100 points. I recommend him without reservation for math or physics tutoring. Barrington High School Parent